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When you schedule service with a deck cleaning company, you’ll be able to let go of your worries and have someone else handle the work for you. What’s not to like about that?

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Deck Cleaning Services Near Me in Tampa, FL

Your deck will inevitably become dirty and grimy after years of use, but instead of just dealing with it, schedule our professional deck cleaning services instead. The team at JD’s Pressure Washing would be delighted to help you with this project! We’ve got the experience you need to trust us, as we’ve actually washed hundreds of decks in the Tampa Area before this point. Every single time, our customers walked away from us with big smiles on their faces, as we didn’t leave a speck of dirt behind on their decks. So, what’s our secret? It all comes down to hard work and determination. We only hire reliable employees who have been fully trained regarding how to use pressure washing equipment. They know the correct techniques for grime removal that don’t cause damage, and they understand that safety comes first, too. That’s why we can promise you a perfect appointment with zero accidents or slip-ups. Schedule yours by contacting us online today. We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm!


On your appointment day, shortly after we leave our headquarters, we will give you a phone call. It’s our way of letting you know that we’re heading in your direction! Once we make it there, we’ll clear all the furniture off your deck, take a look at the surface, and determine if a chemical pre-treatment is necessary. (If it is, it’s just a simple extra step of adding a grime-busting substance to the deck’s surface and waiting five minutes.) Next, make some safety distance, because we’re about to bust our pressurized water. You can watch in awe as we spray away any and all debris. Or, if you’d prefer, you don’t have to watch at all. You can go back inside or even leave the property and do something else. You reclaimed your time by booking our deck cleaning service. Now, we want you to enjoy it!

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Wood decks don’t look great when they’ve been seized by moss, so fight off this attacker with our wood deck cleaning. We’ll keep an eye out for any unsightly green stains and blast them away with the force of pressurized water.


Our composite deck cleaning isn’t so complicated. We show up, spray down the deck’s surface, and make it look wonderful again. Of course, while we’re at it, we’ll also clean other nearby surfaces related to your deck. The stairs, rails, and posts are the biggest examples.


If you need tile deck cleaning, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’d love to wash your tile deck clean, and you’ll be able to tell we’re enjoying what we’re doing. We work quickly without ever losing our smiles, and best of all, your tile deck will be completely spotless.

We Are a Small Business

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Our deck cleaning services aren’t run-of-the-mill fodder. They’re custom-tailored offerings provided to you by local experts you can trust. In fact, JD’s Pressure Washing is a locally owned business that isn’t a part of any sort of franchise or larger chain. We were founded in the Tampa Area to serve the Tampa Area, and it’s as simple as that! So, if you want to keep your cash in your community’s economy while supporting a small business near you, we’re the right choice. In return for your patronage, we’ll go the extra mile, ensuring your deck is as clean as can be. That way, you’ll have every reason to recommend us to your friends and family after your appointment!


The long story short is that we’re awaiting our opportunity to be at your service. So don’t hesitate to let us know if you need our help. Reach out to us for an appointment, and we’ll be there soon to make that deck as clean as can be!

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