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Why try our paver sealing services? Simply put, they’re the best way to preserve your pavers without having to do all the work on your own! Leave it to the professionals at JD’s Pressure Washing, and they’ll serve you right for a fair and affordable price. Here’s how it works. First, just show our team what you need them to seal up. We’ll take a look at the pavers, provide you with an upfront quote for our services, and then unload our sealant from our vehicle. This sealant is a translucent substance that we can place on the pavers, allowing it to harden over the course of time. Once completely hardened, the sealant becomes a transparent, almost imperceptible film. This film might be hard to see, but it goes a long way towards protecting the pavers from the weather, car tires, shoe soles, and more. This means less damage to your pavers, giving them a longer life on your property!


In addition to sealing pavers that have never been sealed before, we also provide paver resealing surfaces. You see, that protective seal doesn’t last forever. Over time, it will become worn down, and if it wears away completely, your pavers will once again be in the line of fire. That’s why it’s wise to schedule paver resealing every three to five years. Need to get started with us? We’d love to make it happen. Just contact us online to schedule your appointment today. Or call us at (813) 421-2974. We are looking forward to talking to you about your pavers!

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What is paver sanding? Simply put, it’s the process of putting joint sand between the individual pavers. This is important because, without this sand, pavers could shift or shuffle around aimlessly.


When individual pavers sit at different altitudes, it causes surfaces to become unlevel. Fortunately, JD’s Pressure Washing can level newly installed pavers and even correct pavers that have become unlevel over time. That way, your paver surfaces can be flat, safe, and attractive, too.


If your pavers aren’t looking so great, you might need a paver restoration appointment. We’ll be able to pressure wash the pavers and remove any and all grime from their surfaces. It will make it look like years of age are being subtracted from your pavers one after another.

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The Best Paver Sealing Services Near Me Tampa, FL

There are many different companies that provide paver sealing services in Tampa, FL, so why should you choose JD’s Pressure Washing? What makes our paver sealing better than what the “other guys” are doing? For one, you should consider our speed. At JD’s Pressure Washing, we have been providing the full suite of paver-related services for a long time now. We’ve sealed and resealed more paver surfaces than we can count, and we’ve sanded and leveled pavers for years, too. As such, we’re not just good at this sort of work—we’re fast at it, too. By choosing us, you’ll be able to have your pavers attended to in mere hours. You can even head out and do whatever you want during your appointment if you’d like. It’s your time, so spend it however you want!


In addition to saving time with us, you can save money with us, too! JD’s Pressure Washing is locally owned and operated, and we want to treat our neighbors to prices they’ll appreciate. That’s why we keep rates low and never add hidden fees along the way. You can even get a cost estimate if you’d like! Give us a call, tell us which of our paver services you need, and we’ll let you know what you can expect to pay. This cost estimate is 100% free!

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