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Expert Pressure Washing Services in New Tampa, FL

When you need the help of a professional pressure washing company in New Tampa, FL, be sure to call JD’s Pressure Washing. We’ve got the best team for the job!

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#1 Pressure Washing Near Me in New Tampa, FL

Our friends in New Tampa, FL deserve top-of-the-line pressure washing, and they’ll be able to find it at JD’s Pressure Washing, a locally owned and operated business. As members of the community ourselves, we’re personally invested in making sure our neighbors—that is, people like you—receive the best service and the cleanest surfaces possible. We’d like the clean the surfaces around your property next, so don’t wait to get started! You can contact us online to schedule an appointment today. Just let us know where in New Tampa you’d like us to meet you. Is it at your home? Or is it at one of your commercial properties? Either way, we’ll be happy to help, as we love serving homeowners and business owners alike. Expect us to be right on time with every piece of pressure washing equipment we need to get the job done. We’re 100% prepared to do what it takes to wash away every last speck of dirt, debris, or grime!


Shortly after our arrival, we will review all the surfaces that need to be washed around your property. (Some of the surfaces we can pressure clean for you include, but are not limited to, driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks, and all of the outside walls.) Once we’ve completed our review, we’ll provide you with an upfront quote so you’ll know what you’ll be paying us ahead of time. Like our price? Then we’ll get our hoses ready and start spraying! One by one, we’ll wash those surfaces clean, making sure they’re completely rid of debris. This even includes organics like moss, algae, and mildew. Our pressure washing doesn’t just make your property look better—it prevents the spread of these plants/funguses which spiral out of control if left to run rampant.

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Improving Your Home’s Appearance

#1 House Washing Services Near Me in New Tampa, FL

One example of our many pressure washing services is our house washing services. The idea behind this offering is simple. We come to your house, get out our pressure washing gear, and wash all the exterior walls clean. What’s so great about this, you might ask? Think about it, and all the benefits become clear in an instant. First and foremost, houses that have been recently pressure washed look wonderful. You might even say that they seem to glow. Secondly, by letting our crew take on this project for you, you won’t have to do it for yourself, meaning you save a world of time and energy. Finally, by having us remove harmful debris from the walls of your home, you’ll help them last longer—and preserve their beauty—for many more years to come.


The processes we use when taking on a house washing project ultimately depend on what material the house is made of. For example, if your house is made of brick or wood, we’ll be able to use full-strength pressure washing, blasting away any accumulated grime with maximum force. On the other hand, if your house is surrounded by vinyl lining, we’ll use “soft washing”, which employs lower pressure water, instead. Why? Because pressurized water can actually damage materials as gentle as vinyl. Don’t worry, though, as we guarantee great results for you no matter how we go about your appointment!

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Effective Concrete Pressure Washing Services

Expert Concrete Cleaning Near Me in New Tampa, FL

Yes, concrete cleaning in New Tampa, FL is another one of our services, and we’d be happy to provide it to you next! You might be wondering, though—how precisely does it work? And what makes it different from our other pressure washing services? Great question. We find that, while concrete is tough, it is also often home to some of the toughest sorts of grime. Rust stains, car fluids, moss, and algae are among them. To help destroy these stains as effectively as possible, we usually employ a chemical pre-treatment of sodium hypochlorite. What this substance does is simple. It shattered the hold that grime has on your concrete, allowing us to wash it away as easily as possible. How cool is that?


Our concrete cleaning is a great way to brighten up your parking lots, patios, garages, and whatever else you’ve got that’s made of concrete. With that said, why wait to book an appointment? Call us at (813) 421-2974, and we’ll be happy to help you out. We hope to talk to you soon!

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