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Looking for a reputable source of pressure washing in Land O’ Lakes, FL? We understand that our neighbors don’t just want the best of the best—they deserve it. That’s why they should look no further than JD’s Pressure Washing when it comes time to get your property’s surfaces washed! We are a locally owned and operated business that proudly serves the Tampa Area. This is precisely why we’ll be happy to be at your service next. Just give us a shout by contacting us online. It only takes a few minutes to book an appointment here on our website. While filling out our contact form, be sure you include details about what you’d like us to pressure wash. Would you like us to clean a driveway? A front porch? All the outside walls of your office building? In any case, we can get the job done, so don’t worry. There is no job too big or small for us!



We’ve got everything we need for pressure washing jobs, so let us run down the list. First and foremost, we’ve got all the correct equipment. This includes more than just pressure washing pumps, hoses, and hose tips. It also includes protective gear, which our team will wear to prevent self-injury. Secondly, we’ve got the best workers in the area. Our pressure washing pros have years of experience and will be delighted to serve you next. Finally, we’ve got the right attitude for the job, too. It’s our determination and commitment to the customer that drives us to do the best job possible. Expect flawless, debris-free surfaces after your appointment with us—or you’ll get a full refund!

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House Washing Near Me in Land O' Lakes, FL

Our house washing in Land O’ Lakes, FL makes it so you never have to pressure clean your own home’s exterior! As you can imagine, pressure washing all the outside walls of a house can be a real pain. Obtaining all the necessary equipment is already a lengthy process. Learning how to use it—and then actually using it, too!—can waste even more of your time. Don’t you have better uses of that time, anyway? By scheduling an appointment with JD’s Pressure Washing, you can do something else while we wash the house for you. We are open Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, so contact us online, book an appointment, and we’ll see you very soon! Expect a call just before your appointment. That’s us letting you know that we’re on our way!



The exact methods we use during your house wash depend on the material the house itself is made of. You see, certain materials can withstand pressure washing, while others can’t. For instance, concrete, stone, and brick will be perfectly fine even when sprayed with our very strongest water. On the other hand, plastic and vinyl will need to be soft washed instead. Soft washing is a simple concept! Think pressure washing, just with lower pressure water. Even the gentlest construction materials won’t take any damage when soft washed!

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Providing You with Perfect Concrete, Every Time

Concrete Cleaning Near Me in Land O’ Lakes, FL

Concrete cleaning in Land O’ Lakes, FL is something you should schedule every year or so. If you go too long without it, debris can coat your concrete one layer after another, and it makes the process of washing it away all the more difficult. Don’t worry, though. Even if it’s been the better half of a decade since you got that concrete washed, we’ll be able to work our magic! Our pressurized water can do the trick. If that on its own isn’t enough, we can also accomplish shining results using sodium hypochlorite. This chemical pre-treatment wages war on any debris on the concrete, making it so it can be washed away almost effortlessly.

Our concrete cleaning is good for both residential and commercial clients. For example, we can clean your concrete patio or deck just as well as we can clean a parking lot or parking garage! Call us at (813) 421-2974, and we’ll be glad to speak to you about your concrete-related project. Let’s start talking today. We can’t wait to get to know you!

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